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What I use - what I can really recommend: Services every marketer needs

... why fork out $6.95 for hosting one page if you can host 3 pages at $1.95? Why fork out another $56 per year for support if you can get it for free?

Web Hosting - fast, reliable and affordable

This page is hosted with shared hosting for less than $2 per month - 99.98% uptime over the past year, top support at no extra cost, host up to 3 websites on 3 domains in one account (still less than $2)

2 bucks deal:
3 Websites
5 email addresses
5 databases
Softaculous installer & backups
unlimited bandwith

Where else can you get that? Nowhere ...
plus: most affordable SSD VPS hosting (managed or unmanaged, Linux or Windows) as well as dedicated servers

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Click Magick - Track everything

Whatever you do online - you MUST track everything or you won't know where you are going

ClickMagick offers the most comprehensive tracking, filtering (no more fake clicks!) and allows URL rotation, even tracking of organic traffic to your website (much better than google analytics)

Track Entire Sales Funnels
Intelligent Split Testing
Geo Targeting, Geo Redirect
Retargeting - even for sites you don't own!
Link Monitoring for downtimes
Filter or block bots, spiders and abusers


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List Verification - 99% bounce free emailing

Bounces are a danger to your email marketing! High bounce rates can get you in huge trouble with your autoresponder company, it can get your emails blocked and marked as spam, your IPs blacklisted and cause your revenue DROP! List hygiene is a MUST for any serious email marketer

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ATM Autoresponder -  Your Email Freedom

The easiest self hosted autoresponder in the market today.
1. Buy server
2. Go to install form - install server
3. import list
4. Send emails

Unlimited subscribers, unlimited lists, unlimited sends - you own it all

awesome automation features, global blacklist and list hygiene

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