Powerhouse vs. Passive Income

A quick comparison chart

for all of you still sitting on the fence


Online since: 2015, updated Sept 2017

Money back: Yes, full money back guarantee if questions go unanswered regarding the training and forum.

Testimonials: Plenty from users

Who's it for: All marketers from newbies to seasoned marketers, who want to take it to a new level

Who's it not for: - People who are in a mighty hurry
- who have an aversion to learning new skills and testing things out
- who want guidance and step by step instructions

Assets you'll have:  You get the best resources to
- master traffic generation
- ad creation
- funnels
- email lists
and lots more
If you use this right you'll acquire tons of skills for your affiliate business or any other business you want to branch into (eCommerce, copywriting, freelancing ...)

Pricing: $7* for the first month, $37 monthly for as long as you stay in
*special offer

- Quick start with case studies and one done for you campaign
- Huge network of users and experts
- Training Videos and courses on all the important techniques, skills and hacks
- Traffic experts to answer your questions

Future:  This will never ever grow old
your skills will help you branch out and scale up

Potential: Unlimited potential
master several traffic sources
master several niches
set up unlimited campaigns
Top affiliates make $10,000 to $20,000 a day (yes you read that right)


  • Unlimited potential
  • 75% done by you
  • learn and master tons of skills
  • grow your assets
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Join Passive Income Now

Online since: 2013, updated 2017

Money Back: Yes, 60 Day full money back guarantee,
no hassles

Testimonials: Plenty, from users as well as fellow marketers (big names)

Who's it for: - Newbies and Intermediate
- who want guidance and a high level of security
- who need one stream of passive income

Who it's not for: Everyone can benefit
- except the ones who never take any action at all

Assets you'll have: When you get this you'll have a
- page for collecting email addresses
- an email list and
- someone who sells to your list, while you keep the commissions
- full blown Traffic Training
Use it right and you have a no-headache passive income stream

Pricing: One time payment of $79
OR: $47 monthly for 6 months for additional bonuses and training

- works out of the box
- 99% done for you, by experts
- almost no learning curve
- step by step instructions
- guided all the way
- only one skill to master, with
- proven system, works for
hundreds if not thousands of people right now

Future outlook: This won't grow old any time soon
It Just may have ups and downs

Potential: Set up one source of passive income
can take you out of the 9 to 5 rat race
but still somewhat Limited potential


  • Newbie friendly
  • high security level
  • 99% done for you
  • Learn one skill inside out
Join Passive Income Now

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